Adiós con amor

· 14 April, 2015 · 10:48 am

Today we want to introduce you, Adiós con amor, an original company dedicated to funeral services. Although it is located in Jávea, Alicante, we share with the creator, Jet van der Heijden, the same enthusiasm for firing our deceased personally. As in our case, the experience of the funeral process in other cultures made her see the coldness of this type of ceremony in Spain, launching herself to create her affectionate initiative. This is how she explained it to us:

Panateneas: Why did you decide to dedicate yourself to the funeral services sector in Spain?
Adiós con amor: I decided to dedicate myself to this sector to help other people to make a farewell as dictated by their heart and not as is custom or tradition. I experienced that in Spain the farewells were cold, fast, without dedication or personality. All the funerals were more or less the same, very traditional and without character. That is why I would like to contribute to changing the old customs in Spain so that funerals are beautiful events to remember.

Panateneas: Can you summarize your philosophy about death and grief and how it is reflected in the services you offer?
Adiós con amor: The philosophy with which I accompany those people is based on my own experiences about death and mourning. I was lucky enough to be able to follow my heart, having a funeral home by my side that guided me throughout this process with sensitivity and understanding, stimulating me to participate in the creation of a warm and personal farewell. I will always remember it with satisfaction because it brought me much comfort. That’s why my way of accompanying has to do with the duel, which starts with the farewell, and not after the funeral.

Panateneas: You are from the Netherlands, how does your origin and the development of the funerals there influence the content of your work here?
Adiós con amor: In my country the mortuary laws are more flexible than in Spain. There are many more possibilities in the transportation of a deceased, the vigil and conservation at home, places suitable for a funeral, etc. All that has inspired me to contribute new ideas to funerals here.

Panateneas: How does your way of working differ from others?
Adiós con amor: My task is to inform and advise the relatives in a transparent manner, encouraging them to participate actively in the creation of the farewell. My work focuses on people, without limitations in terms of time. I travel to his or her home and I adapt to the needs of those close to the dead. I take care of carrying out the ceremony in four languages and that everything goes natural, taking into account every last detail so that the farewell is unique.

Panateneas: ¿Cuál es el valor de una despedida personalizada?
Adiós con amor: The value of a personalized farewell is consolation. Each person is unique and has her or his personal history, so each funeral should also be unique. Telling anecdotes or projecting photos or videos of her or his life, commemorating who was that person and appreciates what she or he meant in our lives.

Panateneas: Could you give us an example?
Adiós con amor: I remember, for example, two children saying goodbye to their mother at home, having a coffee with her, sitting one on each side of her coffin. It’s what they always did, drinking coffee with her talking about the things of her life, and this way they had their last coffee with their mother. Other parents who lost their ten-year-old son took all of their classmates to plant trees. Since then every year they meet there to commemorate their son. It is also very nice and personal the book of condolences turned into a book of memories. Previously, the attendees are invited to write a letter in their house and take it to the funeral to place it in the empty envelopes stuck in the pages of the condolence book.

As you can see, the options of Adiós con amor are endless but always personal and unique. Do not forget to see her website, it is very interesting: