Christmas markets

· 30 November, 2021 · 2:29 pm

December is here! And what do we bring you today? Well, a very Christmas post dedicated to European markets. Traditionally these markets are known as “advent” markets because they were held during this time, that is, from the fourth Sunday before Christmas to the first one. Although today the dates are not so rigorous.

The oldest dates back to 14th and 15th century Germany and some are still celebrated today, such as the one in Frankfurt; that of the Altmarkt square in Dresden, with its 250 stalls; or that of Augsburg, famous for its show of angels represented by children of the city. Originally, they were a meeting place where the inhabitants of the towns gathered to eat and drink their typical winter cuisine such as sausages, sweets such as “stollen” or hot wine. More recently, the sale of popular handicrafts, merry-go-rounds, norias, ice rinks, etc. have been incorporated. That is why today the markets are synonymous with strolling around, browsing, sniffing and, above all, getting lost, for me, the best way to get to know a place.

But, of course, those from Germany are not the only ones. There are them all over Europe. In Portsmouth, UK, a Victorian-inspired Christmas market is held every year where everyone dresses according to the theme and everything revolves around this age. In France, the marvelous city of Colmar stands out, with its fairytale lighting and its half-timbered houses. And even the European Best Destinations has a category dedicated to the best Christmas markets. Last year, 2020, the Gdansk (Poland) market was voted the best for its architecture and amber craftsmanship. While the winner of 2021 has been the Swiss city of Basel. You can enter and vote for the best of 2022. Or, better yet, go directly to visit them and catch the magic of Christmas!