Ideas for the memory. A time capsule at your wedding

· 25 February, 2021 · 8:12 pm

Surely in a movie you have seen that scene in which the protagonists create a time box to open it later, either by themselves or by whoever finds it many years later.

Today we propose you create your own time capsule on your wedding day with the collaboration of all your guests to open it years later. For example on your tenth anniversary or at the silver wedding anniversary. Or, why not, when you are gone to be opened by your descendants.

It is a kind of signature book but here each guest (and yourselves) must keep something related to the wedding, the wedding day, the couple, etc. It can be a message or a postcard, but also a petal from the bouquet or a corsage, a menu, an invitation, a program, your votes, a printed photo, the cork of the bottle of wine or champagne, the taxi ticket that has taken you there, or the hairdresser, a USB with songs, the cover of the day of a newspaper and so on.

The purpose of this type of box is that, if you open it yourself years later, you will remember that wonderful moment. And if it is opened by others, your children or grandchildren, let them get an idea of what happened that day and enjoy watching and wondering the meaning of each element that is part of the capsule.

Then do not forget to seal it well and write the opening date. And now you just need to keep it safe, and wait!