Pets at Weddings?

· 10 October, 2016 · 11:56 am

Today we dedicate our post to a blend that many will surprise, pets and weddings. The truth is that for some people their pets are part of the family as if it were a member more. And as such, they must be present somehow in their important day. It all depends on their behavior in public.

Thus their participation can go from their presence in the photo session until being part of the nuptial procession of the ceremony. If he get nervous with people it is better for everyone that only participate in the photos, but if your dog, cat, rabbit or horse, to mention only some of the most common, behaves well in public can walk with you the hallway to the “altar”, going along with the bride, the groom or the children of flowers, carrying a sign, flowers or even the rings. You can also dance with them and dress them for the occasion with accessories like bow ties, bows or flowers. They will be very happy to be the center of attention! Here are some examples.

Pictures taken from Pinterest.