The bridal party

· 20 April, 2020 · 6:40 pm

In Spain it is not too common the concept of the bridesmaids or bridal teams, but Hollywood has ensured that we know perfectly what is that of the bridal party. In the movies we see that retinue of women who accompany the bride in search of her perfect dress, in the choice of flowers, in the cake test, or in the organization of the rehearsal party.

But tradition goes much further. It seems that in classical Rome the bride was accompanied by her group of women who wore dresses with bold colors to ward off evil spirits. They were also responsible for driving away any man who wanted to woo the bride. They were like their protectors. In the same way, there are sources that affirm that these women wore dresses similar to that of the bride to confuse these evil spirits. Whatever her color, her mission was always to support and protect the bride.

But what is their role today? Well, be the right hand and the left hand of the bride. Especially accompanying her in those emotional preparations for the great day, ensuring that everyone is at ease and enjoying the wedding. I personally love the bride’s moments with her girls. There are always super emotional and great moments that photographers’ cameras capture perfectly. A toast to the bride’s party!