Wedding anniversaries

· 9 February, 2017 · 9:01 am

Silver weddings (25 years of marriage) or gold ones (50 years together) are celebrated by most couples, even renewing their vows with a family party. But do you know why they are so called?

In fact, every year have a name. It is a tradition that comes from the Middle Ages. On each wedding anniversary the couple used to give each other a gift made in a different material. The first year would be paper, and as the years passed the material would become more solid, along with the strengthening of the relationship.

This way, if the first year corresponds to paper, the second is cotton, third leather, fourth linen, fifth wood, sixth iron, seventh wool, eighth bronze, ninth pottery, tenth aluminum, eleventh steel, twelfth silk, thirteenth lace, fourteenth ivory, fifteenth crystal, sixteenth ivy, seventeenth alhelí, eighteenth quartz , nineteenth honeysuckle, twentieth porcelain, twenty-first oak, twenty-second copper, twenty-third water, twenty-fourth granite, and twenty-fifth, most famous, to silver.

This is followed by roses, jet, amber, garnet, pearl, ebony, copper, tin, poppy, coral, flint, stone, jade, agate, ruby, topaz, jasper, opal, turquoise, sapphire, mother-of-pearl, amethyst, feldspar, and zircon until reaching gold, equivalent to the fiftieth anniversary.

Then it goes from luster in luster, emerald, diamond, platinum, titanium, brilliants, oak, marble, granite, onyx and bone, equivalent, this last with one hundred years of married, something really difficult. One last curiosity: although currently they are deceased, the American couple Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher, holds the Guinness record of the longest-lived marriage, 86 years and 290 days. This is to celebrate!