Wedding stories

· 1 June, 2016 · 3:06 pm

The other day, a friend told us how strange it had been a wedding she had attended recently. She commented how the bride and groom arrived when all the guests were there and directly went to the dining room. And she asked us, is this normal? Is not the ceremony an essential part of the wedding?

Sure. The problem nowadays with civil ceremonies is that many couples officially get married on Friday in the corresponding court or town hall, and they celebrate it, for example, the next day with their family and friends. That is why “false” ceremonies have become so fashionable lately. False because they have no legal validity. But they can be as emotional as others and, of course, much more personal and endearing.

This type of ceremony has many advantages. The first and most important is that even if you follow a script, you can give it the tone you want. And the text can be customized to suit its protagonists, also incorporating alternative rituals such as sand or candles. In addition, anyone can intervene with a reading or a performance. Even the couple can surprise each other with verses that the other does not expect, dare with a song or write a few vows of love for their partner.

These fakes, as people call them, are one of the specialties of the house. Custom wedding scripts with ceremony officiant included for original couples. In addition, the ceremony notebook that we give you is a memory for a lifetime. Do you want us to tell your love story?