Wedding dresses made in Spain

· 9 November, 2023 · 2:40 pm

One of the things I like most about weddings, although I am not usually very involved in the subject, is the bride and groom’s clothing. And, specifically, I love shoes and wedding dresses. We will talk about the latter today. About Spanish designers who make you be authentic and look wonderful on your wedding day. Here are ten of my favorites in strict alphabetical order.

We begin with Alma Aguilar and the delicacy of her fabrics. You can find her in her workshop in Madrid. Here I leave you her website and her Instagram account with the examples that you can see in the photo.


I am fascinated by Claudia Llagostera and the finesse of her designs. Her workshop is located in Madrid. You can see more about her on her website and her Instagram account.


We continue with Flor Fuertes and her designs for daring brides. Her workshop is also in Madrid. On her website you can see some of her designs or on her Instagram .


I also love the backs and tails of designer Isabel Hervás. With a workshop in Jaén you can also see her designs on her web and her Instagram.


Isabel Zapardiez is haute couture and exquisiteness. If you are looking for an original design you can find her studios in San Sebastián and Pamplona. And see more on her webite and Instagram account.


For me Raquel López is pure craftsmanship. In addition to dresses, she designs shoes, another of my downfalls… You can find her workshops in Guadalajara and Madrid. Here you have her website and her Instagram.


Romancera is modern classicism, for modern brides. Her workshop is located in Madrid. Here is her web and her Instagram.


We continue with the originality of the designer Sofía Delgado. Her workshop is located in Madrid. You can see more on her website and on her Instagram account.


Sophie et voilà is synonymous with minimalism and simplicity. You can visit her atelier in Bilbao if you want a unique, custom-made design or buy a design from her bridal collection through her website. You can also get ideas on her Instagram account.


And we finish this list with Teresa Baena and her romantic brides. Her atelier is in Seville and she was the designer of my friend Irene’s dress. I leave you her web and her Instagram.


And now let me know, which dress and designer did you like the most?

In the cover photo you can see Cris during the preparations on her wedding day at the Hotel Landa. With removable design by Isabel Zapardiez and photographed by Cristina Marrodán.