At Panateneas we have always believed in the importance of celebrating those events which are an essential part of our lives. Anthropologists have given them the name of passage rites: births, birthdays, communions, graduations, bachelor parties, weddings, more birthdays, wedding anniversaries, retirement and, finally, decease.

From this perspective, our services are focused on the personalization of each event taking into account the tastes and preferences of hosts and honorees. We love natural way and give each celebration a personal touch in accordance with your personality.

Our name refers to the Panateneas, a celebration in honor of the goddess Athena which was hold every year in Ancient Greece. In them the civil sphere was mixed with the religious one and the participation in the procession was a great honor for the Athenians.

In the same way, the design of our logo, made by Dr. Drumen, reflected key concepts for us, such as love and death. While the green color transmits life, security and harmony.

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