One good turn deserves another

· 4 September, 2019 · 8:38 am

We resume our activity in the blog after the summer break with a somewhat critical post. A few weeks ago we received several messages (especially from fellow photographers) claiming more seriousness and honesty from customers.

A few years ago we launched from Panateneas a post in which we talked about the lack of education and gratitude by potential clients who approached us requesting information and budget. Now his complaint –which we share here– goes further, adding that these potential clients do not act honestly at the time of hiring, giving long or generating false illusions instead of directly saying that they are not interested (for whatever reason) or that they have hired another partner. While we remain expectant and with the «pre-booked» date on our calendar.

The truth is that all these aspects are part of the good (or bad) education and knowing to understand that every time an autonomous worker makes you a budget and spends some time explaining his services, he is working for you for free. What less than a simple thank you and a very simple answer: yes or no.