What is a Wedding & Event Planner?

Wedding & Event Planner, or WEP, is an imported concept from the Anglo-Saxon world, which is different from the traditional Spanish event planner, who only recommends suppliers from whom he receives commission.

The mission of a Wedding & Event Planner is to design and accomplish a project with a clear common theme which gives full meaning to the event. A WEP does not always work with the same suppliers, but makes a selection catering to the clients’ preferences and budget, providing quality, originality and personality to the celebration.

A Wedding & Event Planner charges an upfront fee for a well-defined service. This fee is often easily recovered thanks to budget and time savings due to the WEP’s expertise.

In short, aside from meeting the clients’ requirements based on their tastes, a Wedding & Event Planner saves time, avoids stress and guarantees the success of the event.

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