The unacknowledged service sector

· 10 March, 2015 · 12:13 pm

Our entry today is a wake-up call to that society of the 21st century, which lives in a consumerist vortex of material goods but which costs them so much to pay for a service. That is, if when you go to the greengrocer does not question the employee that the kilo of oranges is 1€, why do you do it with the services of other professionals? Why do we ask dozens of budgets from decorators, photographers or graphic designers, hoping it will be much cheaper than the previous one? Because in reality we do not know how to value the work behind it.

These are non-tangible services that are very difficult to budget, in the first place because they are personalized jobs and no client is the same as the previous one, and secondly because it is impossible to know the real time it will take you to make that assignment and the complications or unforeseen they may arise. For example, the work of a wedding photographer is not only to go to the event and shoot. There is a before and after. There is a previous relationship with the couple, sometimes even several photo sessions to remove the fear of the camera, and a subsequent work of selection, retouching and layout that involves many hours of work.

In our case, it is similar, only that before is the most important. There are several months of effort to make it a great day for their protagonists. And of course, our time and dedication also have a price that depends on several factors. That is why our budgets are personalized. When people write to us saying that they are getting married on September 7 and that they want to know the price of our services, we can not give them a price without more! We need to know where, the type of ceremony, the number of guests, what they want to include, etc. And in the end, the content of the service is lost because society only thinks about money and not about quality or the final result. The bargain is placed before professionalism.

And already put to call attention, and even at the risk of resembling our grandmothers, we would like to say something about that education that has been lost or never existed. Is it so hard to say good morning or say thank you? Does it cost so much to respond to an email? We think that the Internet hides and depersonalizes us, but behind the screens there is someone waiting for an answer.