Your honeymoon with PANGEA

· 8 June, 2022 · 7:11 pm

As you know, travel is one of our passions and honeymoons are one of our favorite topics on the Panateneas blog. That is why today we want to introduce you to PANGEA The Travel Store. It is much more than a travel agency, traveling with them is an authentic experience. This is what they told us:

What is PANGEA?
PANGEA The Travel Store started in 2014 as a startup and in 2022 it has already established itself as one of the main SMEs in the national tourism sector. A success story of Spanish entrepreneurship that has revolutionized the travel sector through a 100% omnichannel concept. It has four Travel Stores in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia, travel-inspired spaces with more than 80 expert destination advisors who tailor-make the dream trip for travelers. All this with the best value for money on the market, always helping to transform and democratize the travel sector.

Tell us, what is the difference with a common travel agency?
One of our main differences is that we only recommend those experiences that we know first-hand. Our commitment is that you always receive a person who knows the destination perfectly. We value the advice of our experts who have previously traveled the world in search of those great experiences that we then offer to our clients and that is something that does not always happen in other agencies. In addition, we are also committed to accompanying our travelers before, during and after their trip. We always say that the experience begins in our stores, 1.500 m2 megastores where, in addition to the trip itself, you will also find travel items, a bookstore, gastronomic proposals… For us it is essential to make a difference in the shopping experience because it is the memory with which the traveler is going to stay and what better than to start the trip in an inspiring space that stimulates your desire to travel.

How do you plan honeymoons?
On honeymoons it is essential to listen very well to the needs and tastes of the couple. We start with a conversation in which they tell us about their expectations for the trip, what destinations they have in mind, an approximate budget… We can assist them both in person at our stores and by phone or video call. Our advisory work is fundamental in this type of trip because the bride and groom are a traveler profile that has not necessarily traveled much before. For this reason, they need more than any other person the help of a professional who guides them and who designs for them a travel proposal adapted to their interests. If all the couples have something in common, it is that they want it to be a very special trip, the trip they have always dreamed of.

Could you tell us an example of a different destination compared to typical trips?
There are thousands of places that we could mention… For example, São Tomé e Príncipe is a destination that fascinates us. The third least visited country in the world, some African islands in the Gulf of Guinea, an unknown paradise for many still where you will find waterfalls in the middle of the jungle, banana-shaped beaches or a National Park. A country in which you will live such special experiences as seeing the turtles that lay their eggs on the beaches of Sao Tomé or the humpback whales as they pass through Príncipe. An African oasis away from the chaos to enjoy a trip of relaxation and nature.

There are people who think that this type of personalized trips imply a high budget or are related to luxury trips:
No, actually it does not matter what budget you have, we can design a tailor-made proposal. On the contrary, when we talk about luxury, we mean a certain type of trip for which we usually recommend our category of Unique trips in which we have travel ideas designed especially for those who are looking for premium experiences.

I know that you have a service of wedding lists with parts of the trip as gifts from the guests that I really like:
We have a wedding list service for the bride and groom, totally free. First of all, they can design and personalize a bespoke wedding website at no additional cost. In the PANGEA wedding list you can include all the information of the big day: place of the ceremony, transportation, schedules, table planr management, send digital invitations and… even create a music list with the help of the guests! And of course, with our wedding list service they can choose the destination of their dreams and add experiences, activities and even flights so that the guests can make their contributions and help them make their honeymoon come true.

And I also love author trips:
The peculiarity of author trips is that the trip is made with a person who is an expert in a certain subject that adds extra value to that experience. Getting to know Egypt on your own is not the same as doing it with the help of an Archaeologist and Egyptologist. Or travel to Normandy to learn the ins and outs of World War II with a specialized historian. We also have other author trips more focused on adventure and nature, we have taken travelers to unique places such as Greenland, Svalbard, Lake Baikal… Whatever the type of trip, you always travel with an expert author who accompanies the group at all times. And speaking of groups, if there is something positive about these types of trips, it is that the groups are very small. 8, 10, 12 people is the most common. Therefore, the experience is much more exclusive and the atmosphere that is generated is brutal. We end up forming a small family and many times the travelers get together again on another of our trips. Of course, they are trips with a specific departure date, limited edition, some of them we repeat again and others not, so we always recommend signing up for the first one.

And right now, where can we travel or what would be your recommendation?
Fortunately, we can now travel practically all over the world. Except for specific cases such as Japan, which is reluctant to open its borders to tourism, we already have many destinations where we can go as normal. Asia, for example, has been relaxing restrictions in recent months and we can now travel to countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia… but of course you can also do any safari destination in Africa, the United States, Latin America… there are many options. As for recommendations, it all depends on the type of trip that the bride and groom are looking for, what their tastes and concerns are. At PANGEA we make tailor-made trips and we always start with a conversation from traveler to traveler in which we can get to know what they want, understand their needs. In this way we can adapt to what the couple is looking for and give destination recommendations based on what we believe will best fit them.

Well, you know, if you want to live an authentic experience for your honeymoon, PANGEA is your solution. They also have a very attractive promotion: if you book your honeymoon trip with them, you can enjoy a second trip after 10 years. Yes, you read correctly! On your tenth anniversary they give you a second free honeymoon for the same amount as the first. You can enter their website or visit one of their stores for more information.