Say yes to the little details

· 25 May, 2022 · 12:27 pm

All of you who know us know that at Panateneas we pay special attention to small details. Because there are ways to make a more beautiful and ornate wedding with small actions, without spending a fortune but paying attention to each element that is part of your wedding day.

Like what? You will be asking. Well, for example, if we focus on the ceremony, wearing the rings and the arras in some boxes or holders according to the rest of the style of the wedding costs very little and is infinitely better. This is extensible to scripts, wedding vows or ceremony speeches. Ideally, these elements would match the rest of the stationery, but as I said, a large investment is not necessary for this to look beautiful in the photos: a thick paper, a matching color, bows or lace trims, even a pretty notebook or a folder Nothing of the other world, but better to put aside the wrinkled or studded pages.

Nor does it cost a lot to place baskets or boxes with petals or confetti for your guests to throw at you at the exit of the ceremony. And in the photos this moment is very cool. Any more ideas like this? Sparklers to illuminate your first dance, heel covers so that your guests do not sink into the gardens, soap bubbles for the children, handkerchiefs for tears, baskets in the bathrooms with some basics such as band-aids or safety pins, etc. Drink markers or identifiers or cards for guests to write down the songs they want to request from the DJ are also very useful.

And as for corners (it is clear that depending on the objects you put the price can go up a bit) fans or “pai pais” are really practical if a hot day is expected or, on the contrary, umbrellas and blankets if the forecast is rain or cold. A little water or lemonade is also appreciated if the temperatures are high. And what about the corners with badges with funny messages or tattoos? I find it very funny.

I finish with my two favorite details: on the one hand, I love personalized hangers with your names and the date of the wedding to hang the dress or suit. And, on the other hand, it seems to me a precious detail that you bring something from your loved ones, even more so if they are no longer present. Do not have to be jewelry or accessories, a simple handkerchief that belonged to your grandfather, for example, will make you remember him on your day.

And remember that this is just a list of suggestions. You do not have to do everything, on the contrary, the key is to think about you, your way of being and the style of your wedding, and accordingly decide what ideas could fit your day.