Interview with Virginia, from Ese día Perfecto

· 23 September, 2021 · 9:45 am

Today I present to you a great professional. She is Virginia, officiant of ceremonies and founder of Ese día Perfecto. At Panateneas we have interviewed her so that you can get to know her services, and her, of course, because she is lovely!

Panateneas: How did Ese día Perfecto come about? How did you start celebrating weddings?
Virginia: Ese día Perfecto emerged after almost 10 years of experience officiating ceremonies. I put you in situation: I was Councilor of my town during a legislature, during that time I had the pleasure and great honor of officiating weddings of friends, neighbors, relatives, etc… with institutional validity. During those four years I discovered my passion for weddings, small details and staging, and once the term of office was up, I continued holding ceremonies for friends and family simply for pure pleasure and enjoyment. And that’s how it all began. Two and a half years ago, thanks to the unconditional support of my family and especially my husband, Ese día Perfecto was born. They encouraged me over and over again until the project of designing bespoke ceremonies, created exclusively for each couple, was born.

Panateneas: What is special about your ceremonies? How they are?
Virginia: My ceremonies are unique and special. I look for the essence of each couple together and of each person in particular, I empathize with them and we share their experiences and anecdotes. It is the couple who chooses, the tone, the common thread of the ceremony, what is included or not in the speech… As symbolic rituals, unexpected surprises to a guest, “Yes, I do” joint or individual, first toast concluding the ceremony with everyone’s favorite beer… Everything that can be imagined can be done. We just have to find a way to shape it. Another strong point, to decide that Ese Día Perfecto will put its voice in such an important day, is the availability to contact the people who will actively participate in the ceremony, friends or family who prepare a speech for the chance. I coordinate with them the times, the content… etc… and if necessary, I will give them a hand in the elaboration.

Panateneas: How do you do to capture what they transmit to you?
Virginia: Before starting work, we have an interview, “a first date”, to put on a face and to get to know each other. It is important that the couple trust me, and speaking honestly and clearly always helps. After meeting us, I send them a battery of questions, which I elaborate from the previous interview. From their answers I propose one or two conductive threads, we choose one and from that moment the design gear begins to work. Once the draft is finished, the couple is in charge of giving the go-ahead to the work or suggesting any changes.

Panateneas: What is the weirdest thing you have done?
Virginia: Well, we are not going to say “weird”, we can define it as risky, it has been to include a tattoo artist in the ceremony to engrave with ink some alliances designed by the couple, so that they always accompany them.

Panateneas: Why do you like this job?
Virginia: I love this job because I enjoy it very much, I enjoy seeing the results and the satisfaction of the couples. The day of the WEDDING is one of the best days of the life of the bride and the groom and knowing that they have trusted you to design their ceremony and carry it out is very important. For me it is not work, it is to let my imagination fly, empathize with couples, meet people, create friendships, help the dream come true. It is pure enjoyment.

Panateneas: And finally, why should couples choose you for their ceremonies?
Virginia: We would have to ask that to those who have already chosen me, hehehe. But I offer them a celebration of life, a unique ceremony, adapted to the tastes and preferences of each couple, in which the details will be taken care of, in which we can mix tradition and modernity, in the way that they like the most. An exclusively designed wedding, in which the couple can play with extremes, we can include a Viking ritual of toast and a traditional deposit exchange. Or simply a “Yes, I do” set with which we will value, the virtues and some other defect of the couple. If you choose me to put my voice to your love, we will make a difference and we will ensure that your ceremony goes directly to the memory of your guests.

This is what Virginia offers you for your big day. You can contact her (also in English) through her email: or phone: 620239370. And see more on her social media: Facebook e Instagram.