Why do you need a Wedding Planner?

· 3 July, 2019 · 8:22 pm

Our last post before the summer holidays is an ode to our profession, many times, little valued, although for us, very rewarding.

Because it’s clear that our presence is not essential… As neither is the one of a photographer if your guests take the photos, or the one of the celebrant if your cousin loves to speak in front of the people, or the one of the DJ if you put a pendrive or a list of Spotify, or the one of a make-up artist if you alone fix yourself wonderfully, etc. No, none of this is necessary for you to celebrate your wedding, but the work of the professionals in each subject will make the result a thousand times better, I don’t have any doubt about this.

That’s why today we want to highlight our work. That one that so little is seen, but that –fortunately– those of you that pass through our hands, are so grateful. Because we are there behind all the time, taking you by the hand in that exciting process for you.

We advise you from our experience, we give you ideas, we make the decisions that are great for you, and we make you not aware of those problems that always arise at the last minute or even on your wedding day. I love it when after the big day I tell you some last minute complications and you hallucinate because nobody noticed them… That’s precisely what we’re all for, so that everyone can enjoy without thinking about anything else. For that you need a wedding planner, for your peace of mind, to enjoy with your loved ones your special day…