What is your ideal date?

· 18 February, 2019 · 6:02 pm

Today I want to talk about numerology, the set of beliefs that establish a mystical relationship between numbers and what surrounds us. In this way, each person –just as we have a zodiacal sign– have a number assigned according to our date of birth. It’s what is known as the number of life. Thus this number would reveal the personality traits of each one. And to find it you only have to add the numbers of your date of birth and reduce them to a single digit.

According to experts this method can be used to also know your number as a couple. In this case you would have to add the digits of your wedding date. Here is a list of what each number symbolizes:

1. It is the number of the indivisible. It symbolizes an invincible team that fights together to defend whatever is proposed.

2. Marriage will always be the priority. Commitment, collaboration and complicity.

3. Lack of communication and problems to have a transparent relationship. They should encourage honesty.

4. Solid and stable couples, excellent hosts. Serious and focused on their goals.

5. It symbolizes freedom and independence in the couple. Adventurers

6. Tradition and love The 6 is the best sum for love.

7. Intellectual and spiritual compatibility. Intrepid and strong couples.

8. Stable and judicious couples. Very saving.

9. Sensitive and dramatic. Very intense in their relationships.

If you want to know more about this topic here I leave this link where you can also find out the compatibility with your partner or your number according to your name.