Love signs for your wedding

· 25 April, 2022 · 11:44 am

Continuing with our series of posts on decorative inspiration, today we bring you ideas to decorate with neons and light signs. In recent years this type of decoration has become very fashionable, and it does not surprise us because, in addition to looking great, they are super versatile and can be used to decorate any corner.

Below you can see some photos that we have selected from Pinterest where these neons are used as a background for the “altar” of the ceremony or the photocall. But also for other corners such as the sweet one, the signing book, the open bar, etc.

In addition, the messages can be of all kinds. From the typical phrases of love, such as «All of me loves all of you», «All you need is love», «I will choose you over and over», «It was always you», «Forever» or «Til death» , to the simplest ones like «Cheers», «Drink», «Let’s party» or whatever else you can think of! You can even put your names, initials or your family name, such as «The Millers» or «You + me». Yes or no to decorate with neons? What do you say?