Scherzando. Quartet for weddings and other events

· 3 November, 2022 · 1:26 pm

Have you already thought about what music you want to play at your wedding? Do you prefer DJ, live music or both? These are two of the first questions that we always ask couples who choose us to plan their wedding. You know that in Panateneas we love music, and, even more so, live music. That’s why today we bring you an interview with Scherzando, a perfect instrumental quartet to liven up your special moments. Keep reading!

Panateneas: How did Scherzando arise and how is it composed?
Scherzando: Scherzando was born in 1997 from four friends, still students at the Conservatory, who played together in the Santander Concentus Musicus Chamber Orchestra. We liked belonging to it so much and making music together that we began to meet in parallel in a “quartet version”, and so on until today. Our basic group is the quartet formed by violin, viola, cello and piano. You can add (not remove) instruments such as a second violin, a flute, an oboe… And adding voice, soprano or tenor is the most common and they often accompany us.

© Pablo Madariaga

Panateneas: Where does the name come from?
Scherzando: The first years we played under the name Sotto Voce but for legal reasons we had to change it. Since we liked it to start with S, because of the s’s (or f’s) that string instruments have, we looked for another musical term, derived from Scherzo, a short and cheerful piece. It means “game, joke”, so we would translate Scherzando as “playing”, which is ultimately what we do: enjoy playing music, almost playing.

Panateneas: Your instruments are usually associated with classical music, although you also play other styles, right?
Scherzando: Although it is true that we started out playing academic music, we like to make all kinds of music and over the years we have been expanding our repertoire thanks to the modern and film repertoire, since we have a large selection of soundtracks from today and forever. They adapt phenomenally to our instruments and are usually the favorites of the bride and groom and guests.

© Varua

Panateneas: Wedding ceremonies are usually your main service, how do couples choose those special songs?
Scherzando: We advise them according to their tastes. First we ask them if they want a ceremony with a more classical or less classical repertoire, as well as if they already have a clear piece, and based on all this, we design an indicative repertoire with several works at each moment of the ceremony, so that they can choose and not become crazy trying to choose between our more than 220 pieces.

Panateneas:What would be your perfect or dreamed repertoire in a religious ceremony?
Scherzando: It is a difficult question and it is possible that the four of us did not agree on the answer. But in a religious, the one that combines classical repertoire with some soundtrack is what is best and everyone likes it (as long as the priest allows them to leave the classical/liturgical repertoire).

© Jorge Hierro

Panateneas: And in a civil one?
Scherzando: Well, or the complete film repertoire (for example, the entire OST, such as Legends of the Fall, Bridgerton, Les Choristes, La la land…) or the one that combines it with modern songs (The Beatles, Maroon 5 , Imagine Dragons, Queen…). It is very difficult to choose, because once we incorporate them into our catalog of works, we fall in love with many of them and it would be impossible to choose a common Top 5!

Panateneas: Can you get tired of always playing the same thing?
Scherzando: No. The truth is that each couple is unique and each wedding is also unique, since they get married only once and even though we sometimes play the same pieces, for them it is always “the first time”. And that continues to make us excited after so many years. In addition, there are more and more couples who go out of the “usual” line and together we make up a more varied program that does not let us get bored or tired.

© London Studio Bodas

Panateneas: Do you usually include new themes?
Scherzando: Yes, when the bride and groom do not find everything they want in our repertoire or when they have a very special request, we try to get it and as long as it suits our group, we adapt it for them. It takes work and time, but seeing their faces when listening to it… we love it!

And at Panateneas we love them because they make everything sound beautiful and you never want them to stop playing… If you want to know more about Scherzando you can find more information on their website or on their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

© Scherzando