How to dress flower kids and pages

· 1 July, 2020 · 9:48 am

The events are finally back! If in the coming months you are going to celebrate your wedding or your little ones are in charge of carrying the rings to the ceremony, take note of how to dress the flower children or pages. In this post we show you how to get a look that matches the style of the wedding and, above all, how to make the children enjoy the event.

And to learn about the latest trends in children’s costumes, we have spoken with Quémono, a brand specialized in ceremonial costumes for children.

For them, in the same way that each wedding has its own style: romantic, country, classic, casual, etc., the ideal for the flower childrens’ look would be to match the style chosen for the event.

For example, if you are going to dress a girl for a classic style wedding, you will be right in choosing a white dress with tulle skirt adorned with a linen sash that adds a touch of color. If, on the other hand, it is a boy who bears the rings or the flowers, a white linen shirt and shorts of your favorite color will be the best choice.

More casual weddings allow you to open the fan a little more and play with the looks. If you want the boy and girl to match, you can create the perfect outfit by dressing them with similar fabrics or colors. For example, flower girls can dress up in fun colored skirts to match the boy’s pants and other accessories.


In the same way they tell us how accessories in this type of events are essential. When choosing accessories, keep in mind that it is important that they are comfortable for children. In this way, it will be easier for the pages to wear the accessories throughout all the ceremony.

In girls, the most representative accessories are hair accessories and sashes. For hair, the accessories to choose will have to be more linked to the style of the wedding. For example, flower crowns give a very elegant touch to girls, but it is a complement that they tend to tire more quickly. Therefore, according to the girl it can be a challenge to get her to wear it throughout the ceremony. On the other hand, headbands can be an ally for these cases, since they are accessories that girls are more used to wearing and will find more comfortable.

We can find an elegant headband that, in addition to being a beautiful accessory that maintains the girl’s innocence, will help us to keep her hair going for longer. We can also choose other types of accessories such as ties or berets!

The sash to choose will largely depend on the dress and the presence that we want it to have in the set. For example, a plain sash will have less presence in the set (giving more presence to the dress) and will be used independently for simple or more ornate dresses. However, if we use a more ornate sash, the dress must be simpler or the ensemble will be too showy. It is very common to wear the hair accessory to match the sash, as it helps to create a harmonious outfit.

As for boys, the bow tie and tie are the star complement. However, boys are not used to wearing these accessories, so they can be uncomfortable at times. In that sense, the bow tie is usually more comfortable for them, since (as long as it does not tighten) they often forget that they are wearing it. On the other hand, the tie is usually more formal, while the bow tie, although retaining elegance, is a slightly more casual accessory.

If you continue to hesitate between these two accessories, in one of his articles Quémono explains in detail the difference between ties and bow ties for children.

Ultimately, there is no rule on how to dress the flower children. Simply you must know what the style of the ceremony will be and choose from this point which are the most appropriate looks. Of course, always remembering that children will be more comfortable if they retain the innocence that characterizes them.

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