Panateneas ceremonies

· 6 May, 2019 · 4:20 pm

With the wedding season already underway we want to tell you about the wedding ceremonies, one of our specialties along with the coordination of destination weddings. It came almost unintentionally because one person asked us to write a text for her, and here we are, year after year, narrating your wonderful love stories.

Each one is unique, as you and your relationships are. And that singularity is what we like in Panateneas. We run away from “copy and paste” and create original texts for every occasion. We incorporate your votes and the rituals that you want, and we give voice (and all our help) to those who want to speak for you on such an important day.



Because at Panateneas we think that ceremonies are the most important part of a wedding. Yes of course, eat well, and the party, and everything is beautiful, but the ceremony (whether true or false) is the reason for the celebration, it is the moment when you promise each other -in front of all your people- that you want to share that future together…