The wide world of sweet corners

· 18 September, 2023 · 4:38 pm

We come back after the summer with an inspiration post about sweet corners. There is no doubt that the candy bar has become a highly desired corner for wedding guests, because who doesn’t want some sweets while giving everything on the dance floor?

Sweet tables are super versatile and easy to put together: some pretty containers, some colorful candy and lollipops and some decoration. Although, we are not going to fool ourselves, what is fashionable are those much more elaborate corners that look like an authentic dessert buffet at any resort. Scones, cupcakes, donuts, snack cakes, brownies, macarons and even wedding cakes. More and more brides and grooms are looking for originality and some way to surprise their guests, for example, with some typical sweets from their town or from the most famous pastry shop in the area.

Here I leave you some inspiration pictures, with some beautiful ideas that I have found on Pinterest. Let me know, are you fans of the candy bar or not?