Everyone to his own taste

· 24 September, 2018 · 5:49 pm

This post is a song to the diversity and personality of each person. Because as I say in the title, everyone to his own taste and there are couples for everything.

There are those who give importance to food above all and the place doesn’t matter so much while others look for a dream venue although the gastronomic quality isn’t wonderful. There are couples for whom the photographer is the most important provider of the day, and others who don’t give that value to the memories. For some brides the makeup or the dress aren’t so important; and others don’t mind going on the bus with the other guests because their appearance isn’t the main thing.


Laura & David – People Producciones

There are grooms and brides who wrack their brains to make special gifts to all the guests, and others who don’t want to give away the bouquet because they are excited to keep it. There are some who want to do the first dance during dinner; and others that are passed from speech to speech the entire wedding. You see how every wedding is unique.

This is what I love about the couples I work with. That they surprise me with their ideas every day. And it makes me so funny when they ask me if something is normal… I answer them, what’s the matter, it’s your wedding and you can do whatever you want! True? 😉


Tamara & Maikel – Kunst Studio