The welcome corner

· 28 March, 2023 · 4:05 pm

Placing a small corner at the entrance to your ceremony or cocktail with a sign welcoming your wedding guests is almost an obligation. It is the first impression that they will take from your wedding and, in addition, everyone will notice it as they enter.

It does not have to be something excessive, nor is it necessary to spend a lot of money. You simply have to find the shape that best matches your wedding style. The sign can be made of different materials: wood, foam board, mirror, glass, methacrylate, blackboard, fabric, etc. And it can go alone or with a simple garland if you are looking for something simple. But you can also create a more complex corner by adding candles and lamps or accompanying the sign with flowers or plant decoration following your wedding style. You know, with baskets, boxes, metal containers, glass vases and a very long etc.

As always, we leave you some inspiring ideas taken from Pinterest.