Wedding stories, vol. II

· 19 September, 2017 · 12:33 pm

After the summer I return to my habit of writing a weekly post on the Panateneas blog. And today I want to share with you my last wedding «suffering»…

It is clear that there are things that are uncontrollable (even though a Wedding Planner pretends to control everything): this weather so unstable that we have in the north of Spain, that some guest fails at the last minute, that the musicians are lost to reach the ceremony or that someone suddenly gets sick, to put just a few examples. But the wedding of Anett and John has been surreal… The whole family of the groom had to travel from Florida in the middle of Hurricane Irma. You do not know how many nights we have spent thinking, first, that there was nothing wrong with them, and secondly, wondering if they could get to La Rioja or poor John would marry without the presence of his parents, brothers and relatives and friends.

Once confirmed that all were well and that their homes had not suffered serious damages, were days of insanity, cancellations, delays and relocations on any plane flying to Europe. Until the day before we could not confirm the exact number of attendees because some were still being stuck at airports. And although in the end they could not all be there, it was a beautiful and very emotional wedding. And I can not fail to thank the understanding shown by all those who were part of this day, especially in La Vieja Bodega of Casalarreina where they behaved great.

With this story I just want to show you that our work goes beyond the search for professionals who make your day special. It is a much deeper relationship with the bride and groom, especially in this type of destination weddings in which for months you are creating a special bond with people who are far away and who trust fully in you. People so grateful that they make gifts and invite you to their homes at heart. It has been a pleasure to be part of this day that as in the stories, ended with a happy ending. Cheers for the newlyweds!