Looking for inspiration: blogs and online magazines

· 21 October, 2021 · 6:18 pm

Years ago, a bride-to-be just had to go to the kiosk and buy the bridal magazines of the moment to find inspiration for her wedding. However, today, the Internet has made this search arduous and, at times, even dangerous due to the amount of information that one can find on the Internet.

That is why today I bring you a list of my favorite wedding blogs and websites. I start with Lucía se casa, one of the classic magazines on the market, now with digital and interactive version. With reports of real weddings, fashion and beauty for brides and guests, decoration and all the suppliers you need, ideas for honeymoons, etc.

Also in Vogue Novias they publish many reports of real weddings that can inspire you to imagine yours, as well as many tips and recommendations. With different versions in each country, I love weddings in the United States. Other classic magazines with tips and the latest trends in weddings and the best looks of the famous of the moment are Hola Novias and Telva Novias.

Of course I am a big fan of Martha Steward Weddings. Marta Steward was already an influencer before that word existed. She is the queen of inspiration in all aspects of life and her site dedicated to weddings is one of my favorites. In addition to all the trends in decoration that come to us from the other side of the ocean, there are a lot of tips on curious and fun topics that, surely, you had never thought about.

Style Me Pretty and its section on real weddings that shows weddings in spectacular places and with a lot of super original ideas is also part of my list of habitual markers. As well as Magnolia Rouge.

And as for blogs, as I said before, the Internet is plagued. But here are some of my favorites:

What do you think? I hope these ideas have been useful to you and that they also become part of your favorite websites 😉