Suculenta shop

· 16 December, 2021 · 6:15 pm

Although this is a blog dedicated to wedding topics, you know that I love to introduce you to people and recommend new businesses. That is why today I want to show you a new store that have been opened in Bilbao. Its name is Suculenta, and it offers local, artisanal and vegetable products. Behind this beautiful place where everything is thought out in detail, there are two entrepreneurs –Lucía and Iratxe– with great enthusiasm and eager to show that we can go back to the essentials.

The idea arose from a mixture of several factors: having seen what happens in other large cities where both have lived was essential. To this was added their desire to slow down the fast pace in their work lives, and, above all, to transfer an essential part of their way of life to their business: conscious and respectful consumption. For them it is very important to review the ways of living so as not to lose all those small farmers and artisans who have been disappearing with globalization. It is their grain of sand to promote a more sustainable and friendly world.

And what do they offer? Above all, quality products, close, artisan and ecological. You can find fruit and vegetables with real flavors, bread, nuts, preserves, wines, chocolate, coffees, and a long etcetera. Also prepared products such as soups and creams, hummus and pates, spoon dishes, vegetables and pasta, bowls or even sandwiches made at the moment. And the newest: vegetable butcher shop with daily products made by hand: different kind of sausages, carpaccio, hamburgers, croquettes, Moorish skewer…

They offer several options for Christmas: on the one hand, they have gift boxes with the products you want to include: preserves, wines, beers, oils, jams, chocolates, nougats, etc. For between 35-50€ you can make a wonderful and respectful gift! And on the other hand, for those people who feel forgotten at Christmas lunches or dinners, they offer a custom vegan menu to pick up with wine included.

Those of you who are already aware do not need arguments but for those who still have doubts I encourage you to try their products because, really, they are very tasty. The key is to keep in mind that the texture is very different, and that actually eating a hamburger or a vegetable Moorish skewer has absolutely nothing to do with the idea you can have of that dish. We build flavors and associate them with an idea from a young age, but if you don’t think that this is a “hamburger” (offering these products in a format, let’s say traditional, such as a hamburger or a Milanese, is simply the way to help you know how you can consume it) you will really like the flavor, because everything is delicious, I promise you!

Encourage you to visit their shop in Barrainkua, 16 (Bilbao). You can also see their website. They still do not have an online store, but it is up and running. And you can follow the “sucus” on their social media: Instagram and Facebook.