Wedding ceremony music

· 26 November, 2015 · 7:10 pm

If right now I asked you what is the soundtrack of your story as a couple, could you answer? If music at weddings is important, at ceremonies it is even more so.

It is necessary to choose very well which song accompanies each moment, from the entrance of the bride and groom, the readings of the guests, the consent, the vows and the exchange of rings, until the departure as newlyweds. It is essential that in each of these parts of the ceremony a melody that is representative of your life and your relationship, especially at the time of the vows, sounds in the background, preferably live. It does not matter if it is an old or modern song, classical music, Spanish pop or American folk. But that is yours.

In addition you can take into account your loved ones and make them part of your ceremony. I explain. I like it a lot when those relatives or friends who intervene with some words are surprised when they hear, when they are coming to the microphone, a song that unites them in a meaningful way with the protagonists of the day. Or when mother and son or father and daughter approach by the corridor to the sound of that song that so many times they have sang together. Or when a guest dedicates a piece composed for the occasion by surprise to the bride and groom.

Life is full of melodies that are part of the soundtrack of our life and a wedding ceremony, which collects the past of a couple and is the starting point of their future together, is the ideal place to reproduce them.