The first dance

· 25 October, 2018 · 6:56 am

Have you already chosen the song for your first dance as married? According to Spotify Ed Sheeran, but this time with Perfect, is still the most demanded artist for this purpose. A few years ago his song Thinking Out Loud was also the most used by new couples in their first dance. Followed by James Blunt, Adele, John Legend or Michael Bublé.

Although there are couples who continue to resort to the classics of always, and I don’t mean the waltzes (which are barely danced already), if not to those songs that surely have been part of the story of all these thirty-something couples who are getting married now and were born in the 80s.

Who has not danced Stand by me with his partner? Or, the famous Unchained melody from Ghost? Who has not shouted the legendary I will always love you from The Bodyguard? Or, who has not tried to imitate the footsteps of Baby –Jennifer Gray– in Dirty Dancing to the sound of Time of my life?

They are just examples, because the options are as many as our music is infinite. The important thing is that that song you choose is meaningful to you, that although you dance like ducks, you feel that you are both alone enjoying your love…