Discovering Sare

· 2 September, 2016 · 9:36 am

«Saran denbora gelditu egiten da…» Says a popular Basque saying that in Sare time stops, and it is that for this small town of the French Basque Country seems that the years do not pass.

The red color of the wooden sleepers that decorate the facades of their houses is one of its main characteristics. This way are some of the spaces for celebrations that we can find in this town. Like Lastiry Hotel, located in a 17th century house; or the Arraya, with its green shutters, located in the same square.

Very close is the Chalet Elisa, a beautiful family house converted into a cozy hotel; or the Hotel Pikassaria with its beautiful garden.

In the surroundings of Sare, two spaces with large gardens and spectacular views stand out: Ttakoinenborda and Ihartze Artea, a fabulous wedding space from which you can see the famous La Rhun zip train.

In the center of the old town, next to the old and long pediment, rises the church of Saint-Martin, of sixteenth century, characterized by its huge wooden gallery. In the belfry, just above the clock, an inscription reads: «Oren guziek dute, gizona kolpatzen, azkenekoak du, hobirat egortzen», which in English means: «Every hour, hit the man, the last one, sends him to the grave». And as is typical in this region, the building is surrounded by a small cemetery that must be crossed to access the church. Without a doubt, Sare is a lovely place to celebrate weddings!