Let the Music play

· 9 June, 2016 · 9:23 am

That music can not be missing at a wedding or a party is something that we all have clear, but today we want to talk about live music. Because a ceremony with the music playing on the speakers is not the same, a piano and violin duet playing the live one, a saxophonist, a rociero choir or a solo soprano. Is not the same. Live music brings warmth, emotion, magic … It makes our hair stand on end and we live more passionately the moment.

And although the possibilities are endless to have the participation of a DJ, it is not comparable to a live concert. At least for a while it is worth dancing and singing to the rhythm of the instruments and voices of great professionals. Nothing more authentic than a group playing our favorite songs live. Rock and roll, pop, blues, hindie, jazz, rancheras, rap, ska, reggae, salsa, cumbia or a verbena that mix everything and make us participate in the moment. And it is because in Panateneas, if the music makes us vibrate, the live concerts captivate us, they catch us, making us enjoy like girls…