Pennants for my colleague

· 3 February, 2015 · 9:11 am

A few days ago we lived what we call in Panateneas a great moment of our life: the defense of Barbara’s doctoral thesis. It was a very emotional day that in addition to her people here, her family and friends from Netherlands attended. And of course, what is a celebration without a good party?

Then, thinking about what I could give it to serve as a decoration element and at the same time she could keep to remember always of her great success, I thought of making him –Long live the DIY!– some cloth pennants with the text «Congrats Dra!».

It is very easy: I used some scraps of cloth that I had at home. I cut the striped one in a triangular shape and on each side I sewed a loop that would serve as an auction. Afterwards, I cut out the letters in flowers and sewed them to the pennants. Finally, I used more tie of the same color to join all and ready! Although the work was not as fast as it seems because I broke the machine and had to sew everything by hand. But I am delighted, because she deserves it! Congratulations Dra. van der Leeuw!