Wedding rings

· 20 June, 2019 · 3:14 pm

Today we talk about wedding rings. A subject of vital importance in a wedding if we consider that they will remain with us the rest of our lives –or at least that is the idea–, so their choice is not trivial.

In this regard it doesn’t make much sense to get carried away by the fashions of the moment, but it’s much more logical to choose based on the tastes of each one.

Nowadays the classic thin rings of yellow gold have given way –as everything in the wedding world– to countless ideas: sizes, colors, materials, purity… They can be thin or thick, round or square; gold, silver, platinum, titanium, steel or even carbon; with matt, satin, polished, dotted, enameled finish; with inlays or without them, and thus a very long etcetera.

But the best of all is that each member of the couple can choose their style or go matching but with some differences. In any case, whether you add to this reinvention of jewelry or if you choose the classic style, the important thing is that your wedding rings represent you and you feel comfortable with them.