Decorating with candles

· 28 October, 2019 · 4:19 pm

The candle is a decorative element that –I’m totally sure– will never go out of style. The corners decorated with candles provide warmth, achieving very cozy atmospheres.

In addition to having them in sizes and colors for all tastes, they can be placed in or without vessels. Did you know that it’s very fashionable to decorate them with twigs or dried leaves or expressly create them with the decorative motif that you like? And as for candle holders, that is a world! Jars, glasses, saucers, vessels, lanterns, chandeliers, luminaries, metal or glass terrariums, hanging spheres, and a long etc.

And although it can be combined with more elements such as flowers or other decorative objects, a set of candles of different sizes placed at different heights, can itself form an altar or a very elegant centerpiece.

Here you have some ideas to inspire you.

Pictures: Pinterest.