A wink to the small details

· 6 June, 2019 · 5:53 am

Because it has always been the small details the ones that stand out in any event. And at weddings even more. There are many ways to surprise your guests with simple ideas and without necessarily having a large budget.

For example, is not a detail to put handkerchiefs on the ceremony? Or cover-heels for landscaped areas? If it is hot, the umbrellas or hats are appreciated. And also the corners with refreshing drinks like lemonade, or simply water, nothing better for the heat! On the contrary, if it is cold, some blankets in the outer areas never come badly.

The issue of snuff is increasingly worse, but the reality is that people continue to smoke and guests smoking (some become smokers for a day in this type of event), thank an area for them, where to be quiet and not disturb to the non-addicts. Not only with cigarettes or cigars, but also with lighters or matches, candles, some sweets, etc.

Sometimes your guests want to leave an envelope with a little card and they don’t know where. A small box or basket for this is an easy solution. And also somewhere to sign or leave a message for the couple.

The informative posters with the different schedules of the day’s activities and the signage of the place of each one are also appreciated. They are also very decorative. And what about the hygiene products or basic products such as plasters, safety pins or hairpins. It never hurts to leave these kinds of things in a basket in the bathroom.

I finish with the theme of games. A children’s area or even monitors if you can afford it, is a detail so that parents are calm and children have fun. Although the playgrounds for adults also triumph, a good entertainment for the cocktail hour, for example.

What do you think of these ideas? Tell us what more “small-great details” occur to you on your wedding day.

Photos: Pinterest.