Masquerades for your Wedding

· 27 February, 2019 · 4:09 pm

Can you imagine a wedding in the purest Baroque style? Although the origin of masked dances dates back to 15th century Europe, it was in the 17th and 18th centuries when they became popular. The salons of the great European aristocrats were crowded with people hidden behind their masks.

In this way we imagine in Panateneas a wedding set in those masquerades. With profusely decorated halls in golden tones, masks used to decorate the different environments –either for the table plan, the centerpieces or even the invitations–, cakes with feathers, photoshoots with a lot of props, and of course all the guests behind those beautiful and elegant masks.

We think it is a great theme for couples who met in a Carnival or a masked dance, who belong to “chirigotas” or groups of this type, who love the Carnival of Venice or Rio de Janeiro or simply share this common taste.

Here we leave some ideas that we have found browsing the net.