What is love?

· 1 July, 2015 · 7:31 am

We spent a few days going around a simple question, what is love? Simple the question, but not so much the answer. Love is many things, different for each person, but is not there, let’s say, a basic explanation? The Royal Academy of the Spanish Language says that love is an intense feeling of the human being who, starting from his own insufficiency, needs and seeks the encounter and union with others. And focused more on the couple says that it is a feeling towards another person that naturally attracts us and that completes us, makes us happy and gives energy to live together, communicate and create.

We believe that love is emotion for the day to day. It is an illusion to see that person and share moments with her or him. Love is commitment, respect and acceptance, because when we try to change someone, they lose their essence. Love is unconditional understanding and support. Also passion and tenderness. And sometimes even pain and suffering, because without yin there is no yang. But first of all to love is to be able to be happy anywhere, to feel your home wherever you are, no matter what else.