Put a cactus at your Wedding

· 12 September, 2018 · 6:07 pm

We resume our activity on the blog talking about cactus, don’t you think they are ideal? They already have a very fashionable time in the decoration of weddings, events and all kinds of spaces, but still now hadn’t had time to write about it.

On the one hand, given my lack of talent for caring for plants, I have always been struck by the ability of this species to survive despite the fact that I forget they are there. And at the same time –even without realizing that they are there– they provoke in me a great sense of harmony and well-being. Therefore, the first time I saw them at weddings as a gift for the guests, I thought it was a very cute idea (although impractical to take it home).

Now they can be found not only as part of the decoration: centerpieces, seating plans or even in the bridal bouquets; also in stationery designs or fondant leaves for cactus-shaped cakes. As I said, everything very ideal. Here I leave you some pictures.


Pictures: Pinterest.