The Wedding “Alphabet Game”

· 14 October, 2020 · 9:38 am

This alphabet refers to all the keywords in a wedding explained from A to Z (sorted according to their initial letter in Spanish).

A / Anillos o alianzas – Wedding rings
They are the key to union, the symbol of eternity. And they represent the exchange of your love and fidelity.

B / Baile y barra libre – Dance and open bar
For most couples, their wedding is synonymous with celebration and joy. That is why cannot miss the music, nor of course, the open bar.

C / Canapés – Canapes
It is becoming more and more fashionable to extend the cocktail moment characterized by those delicious “pintxos” or canapes. A standing reception is more informal and dynamic than having your guests seated.

D / Dinero – Money
Unfortunately without money there is no event. And also weddings increasingly involve more elements and therefore more expenses, in a wedding world where prices have skyrocketed in recent years.

E / Entrada de los novios – Bride and groom procesional
Whether at the ceremony or the banquet, the processional is a magical moment and everyone chooses their music or their performance, a matter of taste!

F / Fotos – Pictures
What would life be without memories? Photos, whether of professionals, with a mobile phone, with disposable or instant cameras, are a fundamental part of a wedding. Seeing them later generates a lot of emotions, a lot of laughter, and some tears of happiness…

G / Guirnaldas de flores – Flower garlands
Floral decoration is essential and garlands of flowers as a centerpiece, on different points or hung… Love it!

H / Habanos – Cuban cigars
The smoking thing is more and more taboo, but I still defend that smoking a good cuban cigar at a wedding is a great pleasure. And a “Cigar corner” is a nice wink for all those who continue to maintain the vice.

I / Invitaciones e invitados – invitations and guests
Without invitations there are no guests. Whether they are digital or on paper, you have to make sure that they tell a little (without revealing too much) about the big day. You know, always consistency.

J / Jamón – Iberian ham
What we like good ham… And if it is with a live cutter, amazing!

K / Kit de emergencia – Emergency kit
It can never miss plasters, a sewing set, painkillers, feminine products, etc.

L / Luces – Lighst
A careful lighting always gives warmth and personality to weddings.

M / Menús – Menu
This is one of the most important parts of a wedding. You have to think very well about the food you are going to serve, thinking about universal tastes and not just your own ones and leaving a pleasant feeling in the guests, that is, neither stuffed nor hungry.

N / Novios – Bride and groom
The bride and groom are the stars of the day and nothing and no one should take that role away from them.

O / Oficiante – Officiant
Whether civil or religious, official or “fake”, the officiant of the ceremony plays a fundamental role when giving personality to it. To entertain, to provoke tears, to involve the guests at that moment, etc.

P / Pruebas – Tests
From the menu, the dress and the suit, the make-up and the hairdresser, the speech… Nothing to leave things in the air, everything has to be tried and tested.

Q / Queso – Cheese
And with the master ham, a little corner of cheeses and breads … It always triumphs!

R / Ramo – Bouquet
The bouquet is the complement of the bride and, in theory, says a lot about herself. Of her tastes and style. And many times it ends up in the hands of a love one who must keep it.

S / Seating plan – Table plan
Seating the guests properly is key and you have to think about it very well. Nothing to mix apples and oranges because it is a moment that lasts several hours and we do not want the guests to get bored, argue or fight in our day.

T / Tarta – Cake
The cutting of the cake is no longer fashionable, but there are couples who order cakes so ideal that they leave them as an exhibition in a corner of the dining room.

U / Unión – Union
The deep meaning of a wedding is the union between two people, between two families…

V / Votos – Vows
I love it when personalize your own wedding vows. It is very exciting to hear what you want to promise your couples…

W / Wedding planner – Wedding planner
Your fairy godmother. The person who takes care of everything, who makes your day 10, and whatever happens (which always happens) you won’t find out until later, when it is already a fun anecdote.

X / X “Kiss”, beso – Kiss
X in its onomatopoeic form. That which should never be missing at a wedding.

Y / Yoga – Yoga
How difficult is the Y… I choose yoga because I believe that it is very necessary to reach your day relaxed and rested, so that you can fully enjoy it and not die trying.

Z / Zapatos – Shoes
I’m a big fan of colored shoes that suit each style of dress, because different shoes add a lot to the bridal look.

Pictures: Unsplash.