My job as Wedding Planner

· 20 June, 2023 · 8:42 pm

Like every season, with the start of summer it becomes difficult for us to keep the blog updated. That is why today we leave you this last entry until we return in autumn. And the theme could not be other than the job of a Wedding Planner.

Many times we are confused with decorators or with something similar to construction contractors but for the bridal world. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here is a list of what we do for and with you. Because the organization of a wedding is a joint effort between us, the Wedding Planners, and the couples, whom we take by the hand along the way until their big day. This is our task, often invisible or difficult to show:

  • Define an idea and a budget.
  • Find the venue for the celebration and ceremony and close the date.
  • Hire all those professionals who will be part of your day.
  • Develop a decorative project from which to design the stationery, the decoration, the different corners and all the extras that are necessary.
  • Hire music for each moment and manage the repertoires.
  • Coordinate the ceremony, whether religious, civil or symbolic.
  • Think of plans b, c, d and all the letters of the alphabet, in case it rains, is cloudy, pours down or is scorching.
  • Help you with the choice of the menu, the live cooking stations, thematic corners, the snacks for the party, etc.
  • Accompany you in search of everything you need, from your outfits to decoration material or various gifts.
  • Manage the guest list to hire the buses, plan the tables and take into account all the food restrictions and allergies of your guests.
  • Plan all the special moments that you want to include: first dance, favours and all the surprises that are necessary (also those that your family and friends give you, of course).
  • Coordinate assembly times with the venue or restaurant and suppliers.
  • Assemble and disassemble the different scenes for each moment.
  • Plan the pre-wedding party, the farewell breakfast or any other activity.
  • Being there, in the shade, ready to solve any unforeseen event on the wedding day.
  • Take you by the hand during the process, especially when you break down from nerves. Because we are always here to convey peace to you…

If you want more information about what we can do for you, do not hesitate to contact us through our web form, our email or by phone.

See you in September with more ideas for your wedding!