Intimate or large weddings?

· 16 November, 2021 · 2:27 pm

The pandemic we have experienced has forced us to change our ways of celebrating, showing us that other, more intimate ways are possible.
Sometimes we start making the guest list and we have no limits, does that sound familiar? But if we are told (as has happened in recent months during the state of health alarm) that we can only invite 25 or 30 people, I think we have it clear. Because we all know who our closest loved ones are, those who cannot be absent under any circumstances.

That is why today I ask you a question: intimate or large weddings? Do you still believe that it is necessary to invite all those people who are not on your list of essentials? And you will tell me, yes! Because they are the joy of the party! Cousins, groups of friends from school or university, co-workers, etc.

Well, today I advocate more intimate weddings. Of course, not 20 or 30, but no more than 60 people, in which each guest can be better served, making them part of the wedding. With personalized welcome bags and long tables that give that feeling of closeness. Also for the ceremony you can look for a more spectacular place or with a special meaning such as a forest, a lighthouse or a pier, where definitely not many people fit. Like Shauna and Khai Phang who brought all their guests up to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. Or end the ceremony with a toast as was the case with Hannah and Sean.

Smaller weddings also allow you to invest more in quality food (which sometimes we forget about that and choose whatever menu fits the budget) and other more personal details. Tell me, what do you think?