The grooms

· 10 October, 2018 · 5:33 pm

Today I want to highlight the role of the grooms at weddings. For Panateneas their participation in all decision making for the big day is vital, since a wedding is a matter of two and should reflect the essence of the couple, and not only –sorry, brides of the world– her tastes.

In any case, I was not only referring to this, but to his moment. We always give great importance to the bride and her preparations, but the grooms also get dress and surround themselves with their loved ones while they do it. They also live that moment with great excitement and nerves, and they also want to be perfect for their big day, because it is too for them.

Here my little tribute to some of those guys who have passed through our house: David, John, Khai Phang, Matt and Sean.


David, by People Producciones

John, by Bikoga

Khai Phang, by Antonio Moreno Fotografía

Matt, by Mandrágora Studio

Sean, by Kunst