Personal funerals

· 4 March, 2015 · 10:21 am

The time has come to give a turn to funerals as they usually take place today in Spain. Instead of being mere social events in which we give our condolences to family and friends who have found themselves with a huge void after the death of their loved one, they should be commemorations that invite us to listen. We need celebrations in which the speeches really engage us and make us stir inside.

At a funeral it should be conveyed who was really that person who has left us and what he meant in the lives of others. That is, how he touched everyone’s heart with his words and daily gestures. When leaving the act, we should be able to bring a nice memory of his farewell, so that in the moments of greatest desolation we are comforted remembering that moment so intimate and emotional that we share with everyone else.

A good funeral, if you allow us to say it with these words, should not leave anyone indifferent. It should make us reflect on the limits of our life and oblige us to set our own goals in the years that remain on this earth. Encourage us to live each day as if it were the last. A funeral should not be that cold and ephemeral act that we hope will happen as quickly as possible, but a warm event, a tribute to love and friendship in general, and to that particular person, whom we will miss so much.