The “First look”

· 6 September, 2021 · 5:15 pm

What is that of “First look”? Literally translated into Spanish as “first glance”, this is when the couple sees each other for the first time after their respective preparations, already dressed as a bride and groom before the wedding, usually without other people around them. It is a magical and exciting moment outside the eyes of third parties (except that of the photographer) since they are usually the last minutes before the ceremony.

In Spain, a country of traditions (especially religious), this idea is not yet deeply rooted. Usually the couple meet for the first time when the bride walks to the altar or ceremony table where she is waiting for the groom. However, weddings have evolved a lot in recent years and, luckily, more and more couples decide to innovate or do what they want. That is why from here we try to promote this type of exciting moments in which the true protagonists are you and your love.

Tell us, do you dare with this “first look” or, on the contrary, superstition can with you? Here are some pictures of Annet and John’s “first look” at Hospedería de Casalarreina, immortalized by Bikoga.