The kisses

· 21 January, 2019 · 4:50 pm

My friends Los Yélamo say in one of their songs, that «there are kisses that make you fall in love and then lasts on your memory, those who never forget when we were children, kisses of innocence, kisses of adolescence, those of the first love, and those that opened your heart, kisses that you never forget».

The fact is that life is summarized in kisses. Since you are born until you die. From the first kiss that your parents and grandparents give you in the hospital, until the last, when you close your eyes forever.

And in that way can not miss the kisses of love… With the first flirt, those of wild sex and the most tender. Those of reconciliation, kisses with hugs, or those that come after days without seeing each other. And that kiss when you declare in front of all your people that you want to spend your life with that person. That kiss that seals your love. That is my favorite one…