The main table

· 3 October, 2023 · 5:35 pm

Traditionally in our country, the main tables were made up of the bride and groom and their respective parents, all facing the rest of the guests presiding over the event. Luckily, this somewhat uncomfortable custom has been changing and, today, we find round and oval presidential tables, so that the diners can interact with each other and also composed of the people that the couple choose.

It is increasingly common to see main tables for two, made up only of the couple. A great way to avoid family arguments. The opposite is also very fashionable, that is, including not only parents but also siblings, grandparents or important relatives. Or that the bride and groom sit with their closest friends and that their respective parents share a table with their relatives, much more pleasant if there is no relationship between in-laws or they do not share the same language. And even much more informal and daring is that the couple changes tables with each course, so that we find several presidential tables.

This is an aspect of the wedding that causes many headaches for some couples with deceased loved ones or family conflicts. From here we encourage you to make decisions that you feel comfortable with. And, of course, that you talk about it with your people so that they show you their support and do not be surprised that day when discovering where they should sit. As the saying goes, talking makes people understand… And the important thing is that you all enjoy that big day, right?