Behind Panateneas

· 12 January, 2023 · 11:05 am

I recently asked you what you wanted me to talk about in this blog and some of you suggested that I tell you about myself. So here I am, revealing my deepest intimacies:

1) Ale is not what appears on my ID, but Alejandra, but I hate my name with all my might.

2) I was born in the center of Bilbao 36 years ago and I have lived all my life in Las Arenas, until love brought me to Barakaldo.

3) I went to a nun’s school, although since I was very little I have renounced Catholicism. Although not of religions, which fascinate me…

4) I wanted to study journalism, but in the end I opted for History. I did my PhD. on the construction of religious identities in liberal Spain. And although I have not investigated the 19th century again, I am currently still linked to the University through different projects on victims of terrorism.

5) Although you may see me as very open and sociable, in fact I have always felt more comfortable among books and notes, what is known as a bookworm…

6) When I was little my mother punished me without reading novels because I did not sleep at night absorbed in reading.

7) My other great passion is travel. Getting lost in cities and towns, day and night (they always change), talking to people and trying their cuisine…

8) As my friends say, I am very intolerant, but only to onion and garlic (which is not little, you may say!). But I assure you that almost anything can be cooked without those two ingredients, it is just a matter of trying.

9) Order and organization are key in my life, in my brain, in my house and in everything that surrounds me.

10) I sleep little at night and I love getting up early and going for a walk when there are hardly any people on the street. Of course, napping is something I do not forgive.

11) I love long summer days and winter sun in equal measure.

12) I can not stand rudeness nor people who do not greet, say thank you or do not respond to emails or messages. It is free!

13) I love the number 13 and its symbology.

And you, do you share something with me? Tell me!

The photos that go with this text are from my friend, the fashion and beauty photographer Oihane Molinero. A great artist, because I am incapable of being serious and I always make strange faces…