About “destination weddings” in Spain

· 28 February, 2023 · 12:49 pm

The other day I read an article in Traveler Magazine that said that “destination weddings” will be a trend this year. It was referring, of course, to the Spaniards who choose another place in the country or a foreign one to celebrate their day with their loved ones.

At Panateneas we have been celebrating this type of wedding for many years, but in reverse. In other words, foreigners who travel to Spain, specifically to the Basque Country, La Rioja, Cantabria and surroundings, to celebrate love with their loved ones for a few days. As highlighted in the article, they are intimate weddings, due to the cost of transporting the guests and paying for several days of festivities and varied activities, and at the same time, very special ones.

The most common destinations within Spain have always been the Balearic Islands and the south of the peninsula, but from here we have spent years promoting the Basque Country and, in general, the north of the country as an alternative destination. As we always say, we cannot guarantee good weather, but we can assure you that you will eat, drink and dance like never before. You will be treated like royalty, because if we are good at something it is welcoming guests and making them feel at home. We are waiting for you!

Pictures of Sofie and Martin’s wedding at Hotel Gametxo, by Jeroen Hansen.