Wedding corners

· 2 July, 2018 · 4:07 pm

It’s been a few years now that sweet corners –called Candy Bars– with sweets, cakes, cupcakes, etc., are very fashionable at weddings. Also the corners of food during the cocktail such as cheeses, anchovies, sushi or themed cocktails (my favorite are the mojito bars and the champagne stands).

But today we want to talk about other types of corners with which to surprise guests during the party. Are very emotional what we call Memory Corners –or sign-in tables– where to place a guestbook to sign or any other alternative such as a tree of prints, stones to write messages, boards, mailboxes where to put the letters, boxes for postcards, globe of the world and a very long etc. There are as many ideas as wedding themes. It is so nice to read some months later the words that you was dedicated that day…


There are also very useful the smoking areas or cigar corners, with cigarettes and personalized matches, cigars and gums or licorice. The areas with table games in size XXL and the most specific depending on the tastes of the couple, such as the ice cream corner, the donuts, popcorn or cotton candy, and in winter the chocolate with churros, umm…

Because it’s not about copying ideas like a madman, but adapting them to your wedding. For this the keys are the tastes of the couple and the style of the wedding or theme, the geographical area, the weather and the time of the year… Weddings where everything has a meaning and aren’t a mere copy of another. Those are the ones we like and make at Panateneas!

Pictures: Pinterest.