Wedding favors

· 12 March, 2018 · 4:58 pm

Are you going mad thinking about what to give to your guests? For us, the key is that they are practical gifts.
For example, we find it very useful to give accessories to use the same day of the wedding as ballerinas or espadrilles, hats, fans, umbrellas, etc. Also details that can be used at home or later as candles, natural soaps, lip balms, mirrors, air fresheners… Or teas, spices for gin or pendrives. And what do you say about sweets? Chocolates or cookies, jam jars, Bailey’s bottles or homemade patxaran.
Although one of my favorite gifts, especially for destination weddings, are the labels for personalized suitcases, they are so beautiful! And although is not very useful, the idea of giving seeds to cultivate is ideal. It is great to see that plant grow and remember that beautiful wedding you were in.
And if none of this ideas like to you, you can always donate that money to any cause for which you feel affinity. Here are some ideas we wrote some time ago.

Pictures: Pinterest.